Hands Off My Plate

In 2017, Health Canada quietly began to move forward on their plans to implement updates the Food Guide & introduce front-of-package warning labels. They’ve done it so quietly, that most Canadians are unaware of what is behind the move. But as people learn about it, they becoming more concerned about the lack of evidence, lack of transparency, and the lack of sound judgement Health Canada appears to be using as they move forward.

#HandsOffMyPlate is an initiative born out of Southern Ontario, by a diverse group of farmers.  Collectively, we generated a list of the issues we see with the proposed changes (see “The Issues” section for more detail), and contemplated how we could help Canadians become aware of the changes as well as let political leaders know concerns existed.  As well as farmers, we are consumers who feel it is important that Health Canada make recommendations about nutrition based on scientific fact, and not on ideology. This grassroots movement was developed and supported by citizens concerned  that the proposed changes to Canada’s Food Guide are not in the overall best interest of Canadians.  You have the right to choose what you eat. We all do. That’s why we are telling Health Canada to get their #HandsOffMyPlate.

Things we should all be concerned about:

Health Canada wants Canadians to move towards more plant-based proteins, ignoring nutritional science as well as the local food movements in Canada in the process.

Health Canada wants more of our food to come from hunting, gathering & harvesting, proving how out of touch they are with Canadians push for more convenient, nutritious meal options.

If you are going to continue to eat meat, Health Canada wants more of it to come from sources like moose, caribou & deer, making protein for lower-income Canadians out of reach.

Health Canada wants to blindly put front of package warning labels on various foods, ignoring the fact some countries are stopping the labels because of how ineffective they are.

It is time Canadians knew the truth, and told government how out of touch this plan is. Learn more about the issues, read about us in the news, or find out what you can do to help in any of the pages.

Most importantly, tell Health Canada & your MP to stick to the facts & keep their Hands Off My Plate!