How To Help

We hope you’ll take some time to let your MP know how concerned you are about these guidelines. Whether they are in government or opposition, it is important that this issue make it to the forefront of committee, caucus & Parliament business. Whether it be a phone call or e-mail, reaching out will help. You can find out who your MP with your postal code on this site:

Did you know Health Canada’s nutritional guidelines suggest potato chips are healthier than many nutrient-rich foods? That’s not right. Visit to send a letter to your MP, letting them know that isn’t acceptable.

We need you to help let our government know that their proposed labelling on salt and saturated fat is not supported by evidence. We will only be able to make real, evidence-based change to our country’s food policies by working together to send this feedback to Health Canada and Parliament at

A Liberal MP is sponsoring a petition to abandon Front of Package labels. Help his out by signing it here at

A final petition to mark your name to comes from the Dairy Processors Association of Canada. This easy to fill out petition can be found at

Share your opinions online! We have pictures, videos & statistics in our Shareables section. Feel free to use them, and make sure to send them to your MP telling them they need to take Canadian’s health more seriously that what the top search result on Google says.


Let us know what you think about this Hands Off My Plate campaign by contacting us here. It will help the family farmers who are organizing this site learn what nutrition issues are important to you: