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Liberal MP hopes to bring petition against food guide to Parliament

iPolitics, Apr 19, 2018

Liberal MP John Aldag has promised a group of B.C. doctors that he’ll bring forward their concerns about the proposed changes to the Canada Food Guide to the House of Commons, should they garner enough support.


“If we can get enough signatures, I’ll be tabling [the issue] in the coming months,” said Aldag. “In the meantime, I’m encouraging Canadians who have experience with this sort of field and dietary practices to have a look at the petition.”

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Stock growers express concern over front-of-package food product labelling, Mar 13, 2018

“While it is commendable that Canadians are being encouraged to eat healthy, this measure raises concerns because it also has the effect of singling out foods for one ingredient,” says SSGA President Shane Jahnke. “We are disappointed that ground beef, which is healthy and loaded with nutrients, will be required to have a FOP label, but foods like diet soda and some kinds of cookies and chips, that are highly processed and less nutritional, won’t be required to have a label.”

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Dairy and beef farmers fear downgrade in new Canada food guide, labelling rules

London Free Press, Feb 19, 2018

Beef and dairy producers in Southwestern Ontario, one of the nation’s richest farm belts, are worried they’ll be put out to pasture in a substantial overhaul of Canada’s Food Guide and food-labelling laws.

Health Canada is on the verge of revising the guide, a staple of nutritionists and school health classes since 1942.

Farmers fear the changes will target red meat, cheese, butter and other foods once considered pillars of the balanced diet, in favour of a shift toward more plant-based proteins.

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“Ideological activism” driving revamp of the Canada Food Guide, says Conservative shadow minister, Feb 7, 2018

“They’re going to be giving bad advice on data based on bad science. There’s an ideological activism in Health Canada that is driving these decisions,” says Barlow.

The changes are based on “environmental activism that raising livestock and processing livestock is bad for the environment.”

Barlow also expressed concern in the House of Commons this week about “warning labels” showing up on wholesome foods under the new Food Guide regime. For example, yogurt, cheese, or chicken could have labels cautioning consumers about salt or fat content, while diet Coke won’t have a label, he says.

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Almaguin farmers worried government is taking meat off the plate, Jan 22, 2018

Local politicians say they are ready to fight a move to take meat off the Canadian menu.

Speaking at the Muskoka, East Parry Sound, Nipissing Beef Farmers of Ontario annual meeting in Magnetawan on Jan. 20, Nipissing MPP Victor Fedeli said he was “very disturbed and very concerned,” over issues raised by both beef producers and milk producers regarding an anti-meat movement by both the provincial and federal governments.

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